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40th Annual Home Improvement And Remodeling Expo

Gray Television, Inc. The largest home improvement and remodeling expo in Western Colorado is taking place March 6th to 8th at Two Rivers Convention Center. This years show features 90 different vendors and activities for people of all ages. There will also be seminars to get tips on remodeling every area in your home. Last year, 5300 people attended the expo, that's a 17% increase from 2013. Saturday is expected to be the busiest day of the three-day event.
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WGEM Home and Living Show vendors help people with home improvem - WGEM.com: Quincy News, Weather, Sports, and Radio

Vendors included everything from water and plumbing to roofing to even pools and spas, like Paradise - whose workers said they appreciated the time to meet up with customers face to face, and answer their questions. "A lot of people don't know a lot about a spa or a pool," Brandon Merker said. "They have a lot of misconceptions about how much it costs to have one, they don't think they can afford one, and a lot of times they're really surprised." Members of the WGEM team were also on-hand to greet visitors. The WGEM Home and Living Show also runs Sunday from noon until 4 p.m. More WGEM News More>> Woman dies after her car struck a tree in Ralls County, Mo.
For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://www.wgem.com/story/28290092/2015/03/07/wgem-home-and-living-show-vendors-help-people-with-home-improvement-projects

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